Life is delicious journey...
Newsstand Cafe, Naples FL

Welcome to Newsstand

Welcome to our second "home" where we live by our motto - Life is a delicious journey. Our life journey has brought us to Naples. It was love at first sight! We owned  restaurant and catering business in Kansas, so it was natural for us to think about opening an establishment in Naples. The name NewsStand came after we talked about the type of menus we would like to have. We wanted to have something for everyone. Remembering newsstands of our childhood and how they offered variety, "Something for everyone", from newspapers, magazines to snacks, the name was a natural choice. To mirror the idea of variety, Julius has created a very diverse menu for your enjoyment. We also dedicated part of our menu to our heritage offering traditional Eastern European cooking for the adventurous diners. 

So please come in and enjoy your dining experience with us.
Julius and Martina 

PLEASE NOTE WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR 2 MONTHS AS OF JULY 12TH, 2014. During this time we will be working on some updates at the restaurant and new menus for you. Thank you for your patronage and we will see you in September. 

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